I'm just so discussed and disappointed!! I have heard horror story's about nursing homes and recently experienced it myself. My Mom was in a self pay nursing home. Long story short, I have posted recently about it, she was over medicated with anti psychotics. In a way I wish I could post a before and after picture of what they did to her. I would not do this because she was always such a proud person but I would love to show all of you what they did. My question or statement. I called and reported the to DAD and I know they started an investigation. Will they let me know the outcome? I also contacted a few attorneys on line. Its not that I want to sue for money, I want to do my part to make people aware of just how bad this is. From my understanding it goes on all the time. I think of one lady at the previous home that had no one to watch after her. I really did take a liking to her and tried to be her someone. I can't believe that a family would just walk away from their Mother. I have had 2 attorneys call and say that they can't help me. My question is how can I go about making people aware of Nursing home abuse. Is there agency's or can anyone tell me what to do to help our and do my part. The only thing that I can figure is that there is so much of this going on that even the attorneys do not have time to mess with this unless its an injury. I would think that this would be considered high priority since the Doctor is currently under indictiment for the same thing with a Hospice agency. What upsets me is if you look at her Bio she is a Nursing home Doctor for about 10 locations. I even tried to talk to her and she had the attitude that she knew best and did not care what I had to say. I was surprised the other day, I even had the New Home director ask me to come talk to her, she is very professional and has never said one word against the old home but this time she seemed Highly upset, she told me that she could not believe the difference in my mothers appearance and behavior. She then made the comment that they had gone so far over board with the medication that it was terrible. We talked for quite a while about all of this. I had a feeling being in management for years myself that they may have been worried about taking mom, I felt as though they could have put a question in there mind that maybe I was the problem or mom was just terrible. She did not come right out and say that but in so many words I was told that they had big concerns about taking Mom and now they see that they were wrong to have those concerns. Please let me know if anyone knows of any agency's that I can contact or anything that I can do to be a voice for the people who have no one to help them I would do anything just to be a voice for the elderly, I just don't know how to go about this. Thank you for your help in advance.

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Aveeno, I found this article here on Aging Care that would be helpful for you.
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