My husband is in an LTC facility that has been locked down with no visitation since first week of March. He was hospitalized for almost 2 weeks with non-respiratory Covid19, then quarantined for 14 more days. As he has Lewy body’s dementia, the isolation has had a disastrous impact on both his physical and mental condition. I am heartbroken. Zoom sessions on iPad have been pretty much useless and he is on second floor of bldg. He was doing so well before the virus situation and I visited daily, planning to bring him home with home care support. Prayer has helped but even that is failing me now as his age, over 80 yrs, and his major heart disease make me fearful that I have little time left with him. I am 12 years younger in good health but he is my life. Any advice on how I can keep my sanity until I can see him again? I am so lost and sad at this point.

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