Has anyone used Silver Angels for respite care?


I am my mom's primary caregiver. My family and I are going on vacation with mom and we're considering using Silver Angels to help care for mom (basically supervision) while we're at a theme park and maybe one other day. We'll include her in activities daily that she is open to, however, she needs a lot of "down time" daily and I'm not sure if she'll be interested in doing anything beyond "family time" after dinner, eating out, and enjoying the balcony.

Side note: I care for my mom daily, and lately it's gotten pretty tough as her negative comments are affecting me more lately. Quite frankly, my mom and I need a break from each other, since her attitude (and mine) is more negative than ever. Today, she asked me to get a coke out of the refrigerator, and after I replied that she needs to do the things she can do for herself, she walked next door to the neighbor's house and asked them to call my brother (he calls 1 x month) to tell him I'm not helping her. Fortunately, the neighbors are familiar with my mom's paranoia and delusions, so they knew I wasn't preventing her from calling him and that I do my best to help her with most everything.

Anyone have suggestions about going on a trip with someone who has dementia? Thanks to anyone who might share their insight or experience. Carol

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That's not an impolite question at all, and something I've been thinking about for the past week. When we made the reservations we gave her a choice of going or staying with at home health care. At that time she was "much better" as in: cooperative, on occasion positive, and not paranoid. This past week, it's like she's back to how she was this past winter with the paranoia. She's now on Remeron and it's helping curb her delusions, but the bed wetting is constant at night-she takes off her depends (2) and pees the bed.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. She is with it enough to know she's scheduled to go on a vacation with us, and her friends have continued to tell her how wonderful that will be for her. To now say, "I think it will be better for you to stay home with home health" seems a bit cruel, since she seems to be looking forward to it. I appreciate your question and input.
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I'm going to ask an impolite question...if you and mom need a break from each other, why are you taking her on vacation? Change of scene is not something that is experienced a "FUN" by folks with dementia.
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