Anyone using a camera in AL?
My mom keeps telling me people are stealing, or attempting to steal. Yesterday, she tells me aide blatantly walked in, opened her drawers, took out a gown, and started to walk out.
And how she told her: you, put that right back, it’s not yours.
It amazes me how my mom comes up with this stuff in a conversation.... does she preplan it?
I don’t believe the above. But does anyone use a camera if you do suspect theft? Which one? How does it function to actually catch someone stealing, let’s say in the middle of the night?

babsjvd, before purchasing a camera, read over the Admissions paperwork to see if cameras are allowed or not.

One has to be careful when it comes to cameras, as you wouldn't want the camera to view your Mom getting dressed, etc. There have been cases where hackers were able to get into those cameras and place the film on social media.
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I'm very sorry to say I know of at least 3 cases of assault captured on camera (these are people I know with parents in assisted living). I would have a camera. No question about it. Then pray all you see is theft.
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I can think of a few explanations for this scenario
- laundry mistakenly sent someone else's clothes to your mother's room
- it was a vivid dream or dementia and never happened at all
- another resident was in need and the worker "borrowed" from your mom
- another resident with dementia wanders in an out of rooms redistributing items along the way

We hear a lot of complaints about missing clothing and other personal items. At the nursing home my mom stayed in prior to moving to her permanent one the people were often dressed in very ill fitting clothes, I don't know if that was because the laundry was incompetent or the people there were poor and had to make due with cast offs. Everything needs to be labelled, from hand lotion right down to individual socks. Make a list of possessions so you are certain what should be there. As for cameras - many facilities have rules and do not allow them, but of course it's often easier to ask forgiveness than permission 😉
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Dear Babs,

It is good that you are taking your mom's concern seriously. Sadly this is not uncommon given the number of staff and people coming and going. I know there are secret cameras in teddy bears and pens that could be bought. Also something more obvious like a Nest camera could be installed. It's a very difficult situation but sometimes it is needed to catch staff behaving inappropriately or potential thieves.
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This can be a problem. We've had friends who worked in AL and NH and they said it is an ongoing concern. When our Aunt was in AL, her family counted her clothes and personal items each day - and it happened all the time. She ended up with all of her things eventually. They visited once or twice daily and made sure everything was tagged. Her nice things they took home and brought back items that would not bother them if they got lifted.

Then there are times that patients get mixed up and the staff says it didn't happen. It sure can be frustrating. I don't know the legality of having a camera put in her room - but I'm certain someone on this forum will know. The fact you are listening to your Mom's concerns is wonderful. Stay safe.
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