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My aunt (92 with vascular dementia) is a picker. She has stopped since she started CBD oil. It has probably been three months before it stopped and I noticed. I don’t see her every day. But her ear lobes (her favorite spot) are completely healed for the first time in three years, at least.
It was such a part of who she is that I didn’t notice at first when she quit.
I can tell that she is better cognitively. I’m not sure if it will last but it is so nice not to see the bloody tissues etc.
We started giving it to her and her dog just to see if she would feel better. Her dog is very old. Deaf. Blind. He had stopped barking. Now when he is outside and wants back in he will bark. He looks healthier. I’m a fan.
They only take a drop each once a day. His in his water. Hers sublingual.
Have you tried it?
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Here's an article

But if its being done by someone who has Dementia its something common they do. Is like an anxiety.
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