My sister and I had a fall out. So over 6 months ago she stopped me going on her land to see my mom who's in her mid 80s. Even though my mum lives in a bungalow which she rents from her. Is there anything I can do about it? My mum is lonely as she lost my dad very early this year and is grieving too.

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No its not possible to reconcile with my sister as she falls out with me years at a time over petty things. This has happened throughout my adult life . People whom know me could tell you i just get on with life. My sister has rubbed up people i know due to her ignorance towards them. My sister crossed the line when she assaulted me this day. She has already told my mum things will never change.
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Is there someone who can intercede with your sister on your behalf? Can you find a way to make peace with your sister so that the feud between the two of you doesn't deprive your mom of the comfort of one of her daughters?

If neither of those things is possible, call mom...send her cards and letters...apologize to your sister for your part in this so-called falling out...and hope that time heals.

Your mother will be dead soon. Fix the problem with sister. I don't need any of the details to know that you can that if you want to badly enough.
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