My mom does not like her dry diaper on so she wiggles, squirms, pulls until she gets it off and throws it on the floor. So now what do I do? She is too week to
get to the commode so everyone is telling me to go to the diaper. That sounds
simple enough except how can that work? Thanks to you all for the wonderful
words of wisdom.

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"Disposable undies," not diapers.

She finds them uncomfortable and I agree with her, having used them a few times. But I could understand the trade-off between this discomfort and the consequences of not using them. If your mom can't understand that reasoning it is understandable she tries to take them off.

If she wears slacks I don't think she'd be able to get pull-ups off. If she wears dresses that is more challenging.

I agree with Becky. Work on finding something more comfortable. Many companies do offer free samples, so that is a place to start.

What she likes best may be the most expensive. If she can possibly afford it, consider it an investment in her comfort, just as you'd buy a more expensive chair if it fit her better.
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You might try not calling them diapers, Pampers, etc. This can be demeaning to an elderly person. Does she dress herself. If she does, others have suggested removing her regular underwear from her drawer and replace with the pull up disposable underwear. There are several different brands available and you may have to try several to find ones that she likes. Tena and Depends both offer free samples and/or coupons on line.
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