Mom seemed fine when she went to be Fri night. I had a time waking her up Sat morning for her bath. She was weak and shaky sort of like the strength would just leave her arms and just flop. She tried holding her cup and fork and dropped it each time. I had the hold her drink for her and feed her. She had no appetite at all just sort of out of it. She wasn't confused and she remembered things but she said I just don't feel good. No worse than normal cough or fever. Her BP and Ox were both fine. She slept all weekend 90% of the time. She is 82 and has COPD and CHF but this isn't her normal behavior. Anyone deal with this before?

I've just been through this myself. There are lots of reasons for excessive sleepiness. Mine happened to be a UTI. I could sleep 15 hours and then take a 4-hour afternoon nap. Depression is another cause of sleepiness. And there are certainly other causes.

The fact that she is on hospice and presumably moving toward the end stage of her conditions in itself can explain the tiredness and weakness.

This is over with the hospice nurse.
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No she is not Diabetic. She is on Hospice and I mentioned all of my concerns to the nurse over the phone but no one came to check her. I think Hospice has to see her instead of going to a dr.
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Sounds like a trip to her doctor is in order. Perhaps her blood sugar is low? Is she diabetic? How is she today?
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