All those things have been checked and this is a far too frequent issue. Her neighbors have the same issues but most of them are able to use regular call phones.
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I find my jitterbug very easy. Great Calls or Consumer Cellular. They use verizon lines, so reception good. You can get very cheap if you don't need all the apps and all the texting. And numbers very easy to see, plug into a "phone book".
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I'd be a lot more concerned about a cell phone not being plugged in and charged at night.

Has the phone company been called out to see what the problem is with your mom's landline?
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InFamilyService Feb 15, 2021
Oh yes each and every time the carrier is called.
If she is still having trouble after reading what cwillie said,

My husband has the Jitter Bug flip phone. Real easy, basic, larger numbers, emergency button, & reasonable monthly payments.
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I don't think I've ever heard of anyone complaining that their landline is less reliable than their cell phone, are you sure it is her phone service that isn't working as opposed to her not remembering to put the handset on the charger or just not remembering how to operate it?
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