So my mother in law came home from the rehab and was home only two weeks. She was readmitted to the hospital last week with 102.7 fever and pneumonia. Getting all the info second hand from BIL who is her caretaker and he’s not too bright so keep that in mind. Supposedly she had the virus and another UTI (which she had last time) but not completely sure. So that’s the background.

She was in the hospital from Friday to Tuesday and then sent to rehab where she is now. BIL says she’ll stay in rehab for 21 days and then be released to him. He’s under the impression that Medicare will pay for the 20 days again I don’t think they will. For what I’m reading she would have needed to be out of the hospital for 60 days or longer for them to pay for another 20 days. Can anyone explain the 20 day Medicare pay in easy to understand language so I can pass that info onto him? We’ve already gotten stuck for half the bill once before when she went over the 20 days and BIL keeps saying he can’t afford that again. So I’d like to let him know before the bomb hits that he better be saving his pennies. Thanks to anyone that can shed light on this!

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The benefit period for Medicare is 100 days. So I don’t believe she would need to be home for 60 days in order for Medicare to cover another rehab stint. I believe in your MILs situation, if she’s already had 21 days in rehab and has to go back within the benefit period, she’ll pay a daily copay. Medicare won’t cover the 2nd stay at 100%. She’ll be paying around $176 Day out of pocket unless she has a supplemental that will cover the copay.
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