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Yes. Many lawyers will attend a nursing home with you to get this done, though in covid-19 times that will be more complicated. It will also run you a bit more as lawyers do charge by the hour and this includes their traveling time. The real catch here is the question of whether your elder is still competent enough to sign papers. The lawyer will examine your elder with you out of the room to ascertain that the elder knows exactly what he is doing, and that he is putting YOU in control with access to finances. Be sure you are willing to keep meticulous records and that you understand your duties under the law. It is not necessary that the elder is absolutely mentally perfect, but it IS crucial that they are capable of understanding what they are doing. This was the case when my brother was in a terrible accident and incidentally at the time diagnosed with " Probable early Lewy's Dementia". He asked me to take over his trust and become his POA at that time, and a lawyer came to meet us at the hospital. Then later at the rehab. Both times he examined my brother for competency in making this decision.
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