I'm a 54 yr old, disabled woman who read that there is an exception to the transfer penalty rules for a transfer directly to a disabled child of any age or to am Irrevocable Trust for their benefit. Another person on here talked about a special needs trust for their adult daughter, the 5 yr rule doesn't apply. My Mom is 82 yrs old in assisted living fr Alz. disease for 2 yrs in Nov paying from what $ she has left. I take care of her acct and finances, shopping for clothes etc for her. I wonder when they look back 5 yrs and they c Mom wrote a check out to me directly for no more than $250 tops thru the years for helping her. I also paid my cc bills for the last 5 mos and hit wrong acct whch is Moms. I show in my acct I put $$ in the acct to cover my mos. bills, but I made a huge mistake. It came out of her checking acct. My acct and her accts numbers r 4 digits 1 ending in0027 and 0028. When I paid bills online it w/d out of her acct. Bank statements now will be given 2 atty on 8/23. I have the money all I want to do is pay it back... but it would get worse as if I was trying to pull something. I have taken care of my great loving Mom. If I were going to steal from her which I haven't all my life, I sure wouldn't do the monthly w/d from her bank acct so near to filing for Title 19 5 months in a row. So as a disabled daughter, will they penalize me? I am so stressed. Brother upset. Can anyone answer my questions on above? Thanks very much.

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Serenity, I am moving your post back to the front page to see if anyone can help you. Your question is very complex.
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