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Many members here have narcissistic mothers. I'm sure you will get experienced responses.

May I ask why your mother is living with you now? Didn't you realize she was narcissistic? Did she somehow bully you into it?

If you can't handle it (which is perfectly understandable) are you looking for ways to move her out? Is that what you are looking for advice about?
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Dear Debbie,

Its of good of you to care for your mom. But I know how hard it can be to live with an elderly parent full time. I know I was burnt out as the care escalated. I hope you will talk to a social worker and get all your options. Must protect your own mental and physical well being. Thinking of you.
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Yes. Mine was. A drama queen and Negative Nellie as well. Can I ask if this behavior suddenly appeared or was she like this all your life? My next question is, if you knew she is like this, why did you move her in with you? Do you have any support? If no family, what about an adult daycare or an aide for some respite? Understand that this will not get any better. If anything, as she declines, it will get worse. When things go this bad, when you are at your wit’s end, it doesn’t bode well for anyone. You can’t do your best to care for Mom or for yourself or your family. We sometimes sound like a broken record, but call your local area Agency on Aging and ask of there’s any help available, even a support group, or help with alternate placement for her.
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