Mom is in India in a senior facility and every time I get pictures of her, she looks frail with a vacant expression. I keep wondering if it's the dementia making her look lost...that she can't figure out what's going on around breaks my heart when I look at her old pics when my dad was still alive and everything was normal.....

Just some random feelings happening today... anyone feel this way?

Thank you

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Yes, I have pictures of Mom in my iPad and sometimes when looking for something else I’ll see them. It’s shocking how much more robust she looked even a couple of months ago. I see her daily, so have gotten used to her fragility, but those older pictures are when reality sets in. Maybe ask them to send happier pictures??
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I understand. I love old photos. I have favorite ones. Many were destroyed from Hurricane Katrina. The ones I do have I cherish.

It is shocking to see changes over the years. I don’t think it is unusual that you feel as you do. I’m betting many do. I actually think we start the grieving process before the person dies due to losing the person they once were. Take care.
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Oh yes, I know what you mean. I'm sorry to hear about your mother being so far away. That must be tough. I take photos of my LO on a regular basis and the transformation is startling. She's gotten so small, fragile, and distant looking. Gone are the big smiles, holding her gifts, and sitting up in her chair straight. I think I might stop taking photos of her soon.
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