Dad is in a NH. We want to take him out but it is an ordeal, and costly. It is $150 for a half day. And scheduling this outside service is a lot of work. Any ideas anyone has? No one in the family has a good vehicle where a wheelchair can fit in, either.

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If Dad can stand & step around well enough to get into a regular front seat of a car - do that. Whoever has the biggest car can transport the wheelchair (get a folding one as Grandma'54 says - some have backrests or wheels that pull apart too). Hire to try first.

This is what my clan does & it works well enough. However...

The issues are;

1. Getting OUT of a low car. Can be a problem! A right tug of war! Do NOT want to injure him or yourself!

2. Toilet duty. Will there be wheelchair accessible facilities? How hard will this be? Who will assist?

3. Flexibility. Is there ability for Dad's *team* to abort & return him to the home asap if required?

Could try a local restaurant or park with facilities first? While private homes are a nice idea, they often come with steps to get in.

It's wonderful to keep involving Dad & I wish you the best. Sometimes all you need is a little creative thinking (& some honour 😄 if it goes wrong).

Just keep practical matters in mind eg a urinal bottle can be a great thing!

Be honest with your assist *team*. I heard SO many times "oh we can all help" but the reality was very very different. So only bite off what you can chew.
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Have you tried a Transport wheelchair? They are smaller and lighter so they should fit in most trunks.
Another option would be to get a carrier rack and mount it to the car. You would be able to attach a wheelchair to it much like you see bike racks used. They also have larger racks that attach and fit larger things like scooters.

If you don’t do this already please keep a Gait belt on him. This will allow you to help him remain steady, help him stand up and or transfer to another chair
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He is mentally aware- quite well, but has mobility issues - toileting, transferring from walker to chair, etc. He does use a walker, but is followed by 2 aides at the SNF. He gets around quite well in his wheelchair.

We want to take him out to a local restaurant, or sit outside, or to the lake. (5 minutes) We also want to consider a family event at a family's house, about a 5 minute ride. I cannot bear that he will never come out of the SNF.

Each transport (external) is about $100-$150. I do know a friend of mine had a Honda Odyssey she used for her father, who had a wheelchair-- that seemed to be ideal, except I'm not sure who could buy it, maintain it, and drive it. (Makes you appreciate what you have.)
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Why do you want to take him out if he is in a wheelchair. It sounds like his care would be very difficult to do well for even 1/2 a day. If he has dementia do not even attempt to take him out, it is very disorienting for them.

Your profile does not give a clue what his medical concerns and needs are. Makes it very hard to answer your question.
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