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Look for Memory Care facility rather than Assisted Living.
You mention in your profile that your sister does not walk. It might be possible that a MC will not take her and you would have to look at SNF or Skilled Nursing Facility.
When you take tours make sure you mention your sister's disabilities so that they can save you the time if they will not accept her. (save even more and mention it on the phone when scheduling)
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Yes, look for a memory care facility, not assisted living or skilled nursing. They're everywhere.

If you need additional assistance, try They helped me find my mother's memory care place, and their recommendation was spot-on. Just know that within ten minutes of getting off their website, your phone will start ringing with calls from nursing homes in your area. Take notes of the places, set up tours if you'd like, then tell them not to call again. By law they must stop calling once you ask them to.

Do your research and make sure you find a place that has different levels of care and can take your loved one all the way through to the end. You don't want to have to move them to another facility as their health begins to fail.
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