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What does Mom need money for? Is she capable of going on trips and shopping that the AL has? I gave my Mom no money. She never left the AL unless it was with me. I left nothing there that was worth anything. Residents tend to wander and pick up things because they don't know better. Mom could have given the money away. And then there r the employees. I know, you hope background checks have been done but there is still theft.
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I have heard about situations such as this. Can you be very sure that she is and not due to her memory at all? I hope it wasn't a large amount as that would not be good for her to have in a facility? In my mother's present AL there is an account for residents in their name. This doesn't solve your problem but finding out if there is one would help. I guess you would have to speak to a director. I would look around very thoroughly to see if there is any there. There have been instances of my mother claiming she gave something to me and me finding it with other items mainly jewelry. I hope you have some success. It is so hard to prove.
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