I have been using these external catheters for approximately 3 months and first month the worked well. But after the first month they started causing some skin break down and leak or just come off. I am told they should be good for 24 hrs and the first month I did sometimes get 24 hrs but about half the time, I would only get about 12 hrs. I have payed very close attention to cleaning with ivory plain bar soap and make sure skin is rinsed and dry. then I apply the Bioderm adhesive and let that dry. Then carefully apply the pedals and adhesive tape. I like this catheter idea, but just need to figure out how to prevent skin break down and make them more secure. When one leaks or comes off, it seems to do it at all the wrong times. The other problem is that I work outside and sweat a lot and I would guess that probably does not help either. Any suggestions? Thanks

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