Anyone have any suggestions for getting parent out of car lease?


Parent has lost vision and is unable to drive. Any advice appreciated.



Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. When Mom died she was in a car lease. My brother returned the vehicle to the dealership. He referred the dealership to me, as I was handling the estate. We were debating how best to handle an unexpired lease. The dealer was a bit skeptical at first but realized our family was in a real bind with this car that no one wanted to take over. He referred me to a big company called SWAP-A-LEASE. There are similar companies. When someone wants/needs to get out of an auto lease these companies sometimes can be the solution. Since it's your mom's lease she will need to sign off unless you or other family have Financial Power of Attorney.
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Talk to the dealer about turning the car in; there will be $$ penalties. Or sell the vehicle for the balance of payments if you are allowed to do this. Read the lease.
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