Had to leave my job due to my mom’s dementia progressing. Looking for ways to make ends meet. Many thanks! ❤️

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Paid or not it is the toughest job you’ll ever do. For the record, I sincerely hope that you are going to be paid a fair wage. Consider all of your options carefully.

All the best to you and your family. Please stick around on this forum. You will find lots of great caregiving advice along with compassion.
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Check with your local Social Service Office and see if Mom qualifies for "in home" help. You State maybe one that pays family to care for a LO. If not, you maybe able to get enough hours of care to get a job. In the state of PA they have a program where the Care agencies can train and hire a family member to care for a LO. This way the aide gets a salary and benefits too.

The thing with giving up a job is you also have given up your future earnings for Social Security benefits. Mom is going to get worse maybe to the point you can't handle her care. Please consider placing her at some point. There is Medicaid for that too.
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Sep 16, 2020
The most common question in the AgingCare Caregiver Forum is “How can I get paid to care for a family member?”
The vast majority of family caregivers do not get paid for the provision of care. 
However, a loved one may use out-of-pocket retirement savings for this purpose. If a family member has enough funds to privately pay from savings, it is important to formally complete a Personal Care Agreement. Prior to receiving any payment, this document should be prepared to outline the services provided as well as the payment to be received. A personal care agreement cannot be created retroactively to pay for past care. 
The Caregiver Forum is a great place to come for answers. Additionally, I’d like to offer the following AgingCare articles as reference points: 
To understand the purpose of and create a formal agreement between family members, please refer to:
It is important to note that most outside sources of pay will only pay for medically based home health care provided by an authorized agency. For a general overview regarding paying for care, please refer to:
And finally, if you would like further information regarding the decision to hire a home care company that fits your needs and your budget, please refer to:
If you are new to caregiving you will likely have future questions. There are many answers from experienced caregivers here. Don’t hesitate to come back and ask.
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