I know its a taboo question but have heard it’s more common then not in dementia patients.

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This is not a new question. Enter "husband and sex" in search you will see alot of threads. I remember one wife saying caring for her husband just squashed the intimacy. Plus, DH was no longer the person she married.
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It’s not a taboo question. But I have to say that men don’t have to have dementia to be obsessed with their winkles. It’s the nature of the beast. However, dementia does cause the person to become obsessive over many things, not only sex. Food, toilet habits, the past, etc. If it’s a problem, just ignore it and him when he starts. Walk out of the room. Whistle Dixie.
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Heaven forbid. Sorry for the giggle, but I would go nuts. Is it possible to put a stack of girlie magazines in a room and get a single bed. Yikes. I wasn't aware this was a problem overall. Will be following the question.
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