Are they still coming or have you canceled? So far I have cut some hours but I still feel uneasy. What are you doing regarding this?

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Aides still coming for both Mum & Sister. This has worried me but really there is no other choice & the Aides are very aware of hygiene & the risks. Mum needs help to bathe & could go without a full shower but the assistance takes a lot of pressure off Dad. Sister lives alone & requires full assistance to bathe & dress. I have been worried about Aides coming but also about them NOT coming (ie shortages / illness). So far the service is still ok...

I live elsewhere, work & couldn't physically do it anyway. So I am at peace with continuing as no other choice.

There was another thread with similar question. The OP could manage the care so decided to send the Aides on paid leave for 2 weeks.
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I stopped my caregiver from coming as soon as my child's school closed. I am not allowing my siblings to come either, told them they can Skype with mom.
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We only have someone over for showers. We stopped that. It doesn't make sense to have social isolation by staying home if the outside comes inside to you.
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My dad has his helper, same as usual. They are both taking the advised precautions but otherwise it’s far safer for him to have the help than not. He’s at peace if he gets the virus, not looking for it, but is okay with it if it comes his way
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Silverspring Mar 22, 2020
I hope he stays healthy. Take care.
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