Had 2 part time jobs in 2019-2020 COVID cut one job as it was non essential but my second job is essential and they cut my hours on that job down to 4-8 / week i'm earning about 20-35% of what I was prior to Covid Crisis and as a result of my second job income being an essential Job category I do NOT qualify for Unemployment benifits, there reason is i'm not available for full time work. I would be happy to take a full time job, I'm very motivated to find something any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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I too have recently saw several signs for help wanted at Safeway, Walmart & other big box stores. I am in Maryland.

I do know many doctors offices are looking for help as well - clerical work like filing, faxing, & transcribing MD dictation into notes, scheduling appts, entering coding for the visit from the doctor, etc. You could pursue certification in medical record mgmt & may need to take a few classes in Medical jargon and general billing but if you can get certified in medical record management you will always be able to pick up part time work. Also you may be able to do the majority of work remotely thus work from your home. Check your local community college curriculum for classes in medical records certification. (much cheaper than a university at a CC).

This is just an idea of course. I myself would pursue this type of employment if I wanted a PT job after retiring from FT nursing. You’d have to pay for your classes and certification fees but it would pay off in the long run.

Be careful for get rich quick schemes you may receive via spam/email. You know the saying “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is”.
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Have you looked into the contact tracer opportunity?
I know nothing about it except supposedly thousands are needed.
Here are a couple of articles on it. Google for positions in your area. Last link is about free training.
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I’m not sure what type of thing you are looking for but in my area of N.C. Amazon, Food Lion, Walmart, most phone companies, and others are hiring. Also, US post office is seeking new people. May be part time, but they will work you full time, based on what I see. Basically, essential jobs that have some risks. The Small Business Administration is hiring loan reviewers if you have financial background.
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Becausebthere are so many people looking for work, unemployment is up to 14%. Looking for a job will become your full time job from now on. You now do have a few extra hours to look.
As far as finding an at home computer job, this is a forum and not an agency. We get responses from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

So here is the tough part. No 2 people can survive living off of an elders meager income. You are not even making enough for your future retirement thus creating an endless cycle of poverty. You have other siblings. It is time to become more assertive to step out once in a while to start looking on foot.
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