was just wondering if anyone dealt with an AL in-house pharmacy.

my mom was getting 3 rx's filled at Kaiser pharmacy that were each a 90 day supply

each 90 day supply was a $10 co-pay

now the new company taking over (Co. contracts with Kaiser and other insurance/mcare)....they order for 30 days. then each time there is a $10 co pay

so instead of $30 every 3 mo. its $30 every month. I know its not a lot, but just inquiring if anyone had this happen at their AL for their LO.

I guess the change happened because it makes things a lot easier for the med techs plus they have regulations AL need to follow

however now it seems like that cost is just forced on the AL resident.

I haven't called AL to verify, but tomorrow going try to call (contact person not in today at AL)

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Mom had to use the AL pharmacy but they had to stay within her insurance companies criteria. Meaning if it was a 90day perscription they had to honor it. Check with the home. Maybe you shouldn't be paying copays each time.
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My father is in a personal care facility and the company that runs the facility has a contract with a large pharmacy. All medications have to be individually packed in shrink wrapped type of packaging and only a 30 day supply. However in the past they have allowed a small number of residents to use a local Pharmacy which does delivery and proper packaging. Now they are attempting to have all residents use the large Pharmacy or stay with the local for an additional 300 monthly. All this means additional charge for residents who have a good part D plan and would be able to get most with a 90 day supply through mail order or want to stay with the little local Pharmacy.. Very expensive and frustrating for some individuals (sorry just needed to vent.)
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Some NH contract out this service (more money for facility), even if the closest pharmacy is not that far way.
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Speaking from a nursing home nurse point of view . I think they fill in house ..Just so they dont have to rely on family members delivering meds on time. Unless your Pharmacy will deliver and accept orders from the nurse on call .
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