I'm worried because I received a jury summons for federal court two hours from where I live. I haven't been online to the court website yet, but I know the paper I received has a place to write for postponement or for an excuse. My mom IS in Assisted living so it's not like she is here at home with me, but if something happens I am responsible for her. I'm just wondering a trial could last a while, it would make me unavailable for any emergency. So I'm wanting to go online and maybe try to get excused, telling them I am my mom's POA and she has Alzheimer's in assisted living. Does anyone know if that is unheard of to do, or to try to do? I usually do jury duty when it's in my city...but those trials, if picked are usually not long and sometimes you don't even get picked. If not picked after a couple days, you get excused. Thanks in advance.

Wally, I know I would enjoy being on a jury if I was much younger, but like you said its the uncertainty that also would give me anxiety. I went through a lot of "what ifs" when I got a jury summons. But was relieved when the night before I needed to call the court house to see if I was called to serve, I wasn't. Whew !! I was wondering how in the world would I stay awake during the proceeding.

I remember when my Mom got a jury summons for U.S. Federal Court. Good grief. Seriously??? Mom was in her 90's, very poor hearing, and could barely see. I filled out the paperwork for Mom and she signed it. Never heard back.
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yes I know its my duty. and in my city I get called every two years I think. and I go and serve. and ive sat in trial many times. and those only last more or less one week. this one says that you will be 'on call' for 30 days, or one trial. I pretty much figured I had to go. so I told my sister - in case im gone and she will be prepared if something happened.
im sorry to say but *shes usually doing her own thing...*

but after I told my sister last nite. she started telling me to put in to be excused. so before I tried, I just wanted to ask. and I did go looking for reasons, they do allow if youre caring for someone over 70 yo and you don't work outside the home.

I do hate not being available for my mom. just in case. I haven't even took a vacation at least since 2011. my husband deals with his mom out of town also. and sometimes with everything we get busy and don't make time. or just get tired.

thanks for answers

edit , just wanted to say also. I feel like I suck. cause I get anxiety. and knowing I have to drive by myself two hours away - not knowing the area. I get scared. im tougher than I think, its just the uncertainty gives me anxiety

im am telling myself I can get thru this!
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Here in NJ you need a note from the doctor saying you are your parents caregiver. I had no problem getting out of jury duty when Mom was living with me. It would have been a hardship to have to pay for someone to care for her. I have done it as a stay at home Mom, as a babysitter of a baby/toddler. Got an excuse because I worked at p/t job that didn't pay me if I didn't work.
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JoAnn29 Aug 3, 2018
If you have a legit excuse in NJ, its 3 yrs before they can ask again. My husband goes thru this all the time because he is legally deaf. And, their system can't flag him.

If the week they have chosen is not good for you, you can be excused but will be required to make it up at a later date.
Go online and look at the reasons that you can request to be excused.  I doubt that being a POA for someone who is in an AL or NH facility is one of them. 

My Mom (in her 80's at the time) and I were living together [& I am her Mom's POA] when I was called to jury duty three different times.  I was never excused just because my Mom lived with me and I took care of her Ancillary or Financial needs-paying bills, etc.  I was excused once when Mom had a Doctor's Appointment on the same day that I was supposed to go in for jury duty.  [EDIT: I did have to "make up" for that excuse and I was called for jury duty a couple of months later.]

Over the years, I have been called for jury duty 5 times, been chosen for the first round 3 times and chosen as a juror only once. 

If you do get an excuse from jury duty THIS TIME, you WILL MOST LIKELY GET CALLED AGAIN for jury duty in the next few months (to replace the time that you were excused).
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I'm not sure being a hands on caregiver would excuse you easily, I think just being POA to someone in a facility is not likely to be an acceptable reason to be excused.
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First you need to be selected for a jury. Chances are that will not happen. In the event it does, an emergency would result in you being dismissed.

Jury duty is a civic responsibility. My bet would be that you will not even need to report on selection day.

When I was caring for mom I was excused, but was providing 24/7 hands on care.
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Any of us have family in AL but we try not to live in a bubble. Is she going back and forth to the hospital several times a month? Postponement can only be deferred within their calendar year so that may not get you very far. Why not wait to see if you get called to the voir dire. At that point you can ask what the policies are concerning family emergencies. Bring documentation about frequency of emergencies. From that point you may be excused.
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