We have privately hired 2 different caregivers who have had family overseas and needed to go home for a month at a time. The first one never came back and now this one (who we really love) has had to deal with her grandmother who was very ill and not expected to live and has been gone for a month already and just let me know that she will need to be gone longer than expected. Mom lives with me and we only had someone 3 days a week to bathe her and help with laundry and some light housework. I am doing that now but Mom does not like how I do things and we are missing the aide. I am now looking at an agency which costs much more for the small amount of help we really need.

Agree with Tothill that you get what you pay for. My family uses Visiting Angels and are totally pleased with them. They background check, they provide subs, they are accountable for the actions of their employees and you don't have to do the onerous work of being a part-time employer with no real idea of who you are hiring. The VA caregiver will also do light housework and food prep, drive errands with their client, entertain them, etc. then we also have a house cleaning service for the other tasks. I recommend an agency over private hires any day. Good luck!
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You are faced with on of the disadvantages of hiring privately. An agency would be obligated to provide a new care giver, if one leaves. Yes, it is more expensive.

Could you hire an agency for bathing Mum once a week and hire a housekeeper for the laundry and housework? At least until your caregiver is back?
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derochka Nov 22, 2019
I did try that but the agency would not send anyone for that short a time. Mom wants a bath three times a week and I cannot get someone just for that. I could not even get someone on a short term basis for the 18 hours we had the aide for. The only person the agency had that was willing to come did not speak any English. It isn't just the price. I am beyond frustrated.
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