Now my father is in hospice. I had written less than a month ago about my mother with renal failure put in at home hospice. My siblings and I have been rotating care for her. Last week my father began at home hospice with heart failure. He has been failing fast and my mother has improved. My father is now on oxygen and is wearing diapers. I just finished my "shift" of nine nights and ten days. It is overwhelmingly exhausting. My siblings and I range in age from 56 to 73. Has anyone else had to deal with two parents at home hospice care?

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Oh my gosh, I can just imagine how exhausted and emotionally drained you and your siblings. Seniors taking care of seniors. At that age our energy level just isn't there any more as we are in our own age decline. And I bet no one is getting a restful night sleep.

My advice, if your parents have any savings, and if you or one of the siblings have financial Power of Attorney, hire some professional caregivers to give you all a break. There are professional caregiving Agencies that have over-night caregivers who just do over-nights, thus they stay awake the whole time. It will be expensive, but well worth it if it keep you and/or your siblings from crashing and burning from exhaustion.
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