Has anyone been sued or threatened by family to get copies of bank & legal papers of POA? What happened?


Their names were not on anything except 1 was listed as backup on Will if I chose not to serve. Harassment and threats received. What would a judge say when he saw there was NO mis-allocation of funds. Would he/she call for an audit? That would be great.

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I was threatened. Told them over and over to have their attorney contact me or go forward with the suit. Finally refused to talk directly to them --told them I would speak to them thru their attorney. Rainman is right; you have a duty to respect the privacy for whom you are serving as POA. I don't even share Dad's medical condition and have instructed the memory care staff not to share anything.
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While I'm no legal expert, I can't imagine a judge allow this type of case to move forward unless the plaintiff has some compelling evidence of wrong doing on the part of the POA.
Simply wanting to see records out of mere suspicion would not override the authority granted to a POA.
Usually, unless the POA document specific say that records can be shared it is the POAs legal duty to protect the privacy of the principal.
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A will does not come into play until the person who wrote it dies.

Who has Power of Attorney?
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