Is anyone out there a full-time caregiver for a parent?


I quit working to take care of my mom. I could not afford to work and pay for someone to stay with her. I have to go back to work. I have come up with some ideas help my resume. One is Full-Time Caregiver Provided round-the-clock care for seriously ill family member, including medication management, assistance with activities of daily living, coordinating in-home therapies and services, and therapeutic recreation. Please tell me if you have any other ideas?

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eyeish- I am glad that it did not interfere with your work search. Working in health care would help in the job search. I hope everything works out for you.
Blannie - I agree not to be ashamed or trying to hide my caring for my mother. If an employer has a problem understanding what I did well that is their problem. I am very proud of what I did for my mother. I am seeking help from all kinds of outlets. I go to grieving counseling at the county and they are going to help me. Thank you for your suggestions. Take care.
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Lavender my background is human resources (20+ years in the field). You absolutely need to explain the gap in employment. I think what you've written is good. I would suggest in your cover letter that you explain you helped your mom and it was a full-time position. The biggest thing is to feel proud and confident about the time you spent as a caregiver. If you approach your job search and interviews with that confidence, it won't be an issue.

You may find some interviewers who are super supportive and others who are not (because they've never experienced that kind of need in their family). If you need help/practice with interviewing, check around to see if you can find some help in practicing. I help a local non-profit agency every other week with candidates who need to practice their interview skills or want someone to review their resume or cover letter.

Good luck with your job search and if you have other questions, feel free to post on my wall.
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I'm a nurse and I cared for my dad at home for 5 years. Once he went into a nursing home I had to go back to work and I put the caregiving down on my resume to explain the 5 year employment gap. I was very nervous about it but my brother, who's in business, said that he's interviewed people with similar employment gaps related to caring for an aging parent and that it's not that big of deal. It didn't interfere in my getting a job but that may be because I work in healthcare.

What you wrote sounds good. It's succinct and explains the gap. No need to go into all the dirty details we deal with as caregivers.
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