My father had a stroke ten years ago, broke his hip four months ago. He is 60 years old now. He also has hereditary mental problems that seem to not get diagnosed because he refuses help a lot for them.
I've been his caregiver for the whole time.
Before the broken hip he moved around in an electric wheel chair, manual wheelchair. He’s been in a nursing home for three months now and they want to release or get him Florida Medicaid.
Social worker says my fathers been rehabilitated, same condition before the broken hip. My father says he is not. Nursing home psychologist visited my father a bunch and says she can see bi polar, schizophrenia and narcissism in him. Social worker tells me now he is mentally aware and oriented, I see no difference in his mental state.
If I choose not to care for him anymore the social worker says he has to get an Elder law attorney then see a judge to count his assets, non assets then goes on Medicaid.

My father has rental property,
I've helped him take care of it. The business has been in the family for 50 years. I've been living in a house that’s apart of the business for twelve years and a different one for six years before. His rental properties count as non assets.
If I live in this house it probably would leave me with having to continue to manage the business , water and septic tank service, taxes are tied in together. The business brings in income, but needs a lot of work and more money invested into it. I don’t know if Florida Medicaid would take income from the business to pay for his medical care or when he passes away the business will be auctioned off to pay for his care.
He is too much for one person to care for.
What could be expected from this ?

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You may want to check on what Florida's look-back period is. That's how far Medicaid will look-back into his financial history and transactions, so don't do anything now or in the coming months financially between you and your dad or any other relative. In MN it is 5 years. But if your father has properties I doubt he will qualify until he sells all of them (and any other assets and investments) to pay for his care and then runs out of money. That's how it works here in MN. Before you bother applying you may want to invest in a 1 or 2-hour consult with an experienced elder law/estate planning attorney beforehand. It will be money well spent.
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The last I heard, Florida did not expand Medicaid. So, all of his assets will be considered when applying for Medicaid. Medicaid expects that all of his income will be used for his own care first. If he has multiple properties...they may require it all be sold and the proceeds used to pay for his care. Medicaid is intended for those people who have NO means to pay for their own care....not as a taxpayer based payment system that lets people protect their own wealth while taking money from Medicaid.

you can just go ahead and make the application....the worst that can happen is that they reject him because of his assets.
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