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We always found Visited Nurse Service of the Hudsom Valley to be a relaible agency.

Also Visiting Angels:
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Online search should find agencies that provide CNAs in your area.

I know nothing about the agencies in your area. Ratings for them or facilities don't always tell the whole story. Sure, they might be useful, but word of mouth from someone you know and trust is better and seeing is believing!

The postings listed show $15-35, $15-20, $15-25. The rates vary from one area to another, one agency to another. You would need to call those agencies in your area to ask rates and what services are provided for those rates.

CNAs are less expensive than a nurse and often is all you need to provide some care/oversight. It was many years ago now, but the CNAs I hired were $20/hr, so those rates listed aren't really out of line. You can try to hire someone who is an independent care-giver, but would need to be sure this person has insurance, pays their own taxes, SS, etc, and would have to be concerned about backup if this person isn't available (sick, injured, etc.) Agencies generally cover everything for the employee, have liability insurance and can send an alternate if your regular care-giver isn't available.

Even after you decide on a place, if you don't feel the person sent is doing the job you requested, if you have too many call-outs, etc, you can always ask for someone else or change agencies.
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the best way to determine this is to call several agencies and get prices for the type of care needed.
The more care required the higher the cost.
The agency representative will evaluate the person needing care and ask you questions as to what you want them to do. Fees will be explained to you at that time. But you might be able to get a general idea with a few calls.
Day time hours will probably be less than overnight
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