Is there any way to get paid for caregiving?


I am taking care of my mom, l had to leave my job, well choose to leave. She has AETNA as well as Medicare part d we do not want her in a nursing home when I can do this.

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None of those will pay family. Low income Medicaid patients can get waivers for stay at home services, but the services are through an agency, not paid to family.
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Majority of grown children do not get paid for caring for their elderly parent, unless the parent is financially able to pay from their own pocket. If a parent can afford to pay you, the parent might as well hire a certified trained caregiver… thus allowing you to keep or look for a full-time job so you can build up your own retirement, social security and Medicare.

If your parent qualifies for Medicaid, the State might allow a trained Caregiver from an Agency to come in to help a couple hours a day. It is hard to find a State that has a program to pay a grown child to care for a parent, but there are exceptions such as California.

Also, check with your local Council on Aging to see what programs they offer, such as an Aide coming to the house.
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