Any tips for helping elderly bed-ridden mother with curved spine sit straight while eating and taking pills?


My mother's back curvature, which causes her to lean dramatically to the right, is making it more and more difficult for her to sit up straight enough and long enough to eat her meals and take her meds. This is while she is in bed, but it's also getting to be a problem when she is in her wheelchair in the mornings. Can't seem to hit on a configuration of pillows that really helps enough. She never complains that anything (her neck, back, etc) hurts, but dementia keeps her from reporting very accurately about anything these days. I thought someone might have hit on a technique or product that works especially well. Thanks.

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Moms OT got her a wheelchair “snug support” to keep her more upright, along with getting her a more narrow chair. (She’s only 90 lbs) It’s exactly like this one, but they flipped it to an upright position like an L. It definitely keeps her bettter positioned.
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You should get an Occupational Therapist to evaluate your home and make suggestions.

Do you have a hospital bed?
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Medicare provided a power wheelchair for my husband. It has a very high back and a headrest and a seatbelt. He had to visit his doctor and be prescribed it. It was specially built for him. I wonder if your mom wouldn’t qualify for one. Maybe it could be built with a special set of straps or a harness for her.
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Have you looked into a reclining wheelchair?
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