I spend over $1000 a year in gas driving back and forth from home to the house where I take care of my MIL and FIL. I don't get paid anything and no possibility of ever getting anything. Just wondering if there are any tax deductions I can take? I have a small business that the wife had to take over as she was unable to physically take care of her mom and dad, and I have a small rent check from my farm and a little ebay earning, that is taken by the gas, and insurance and repair of the car I drive. Anyone find any deductions they can take? I itemize, and have my taxes prepared for me but want to see if anything they might miss. This will be the first full year for tax being an unpaid caregiver.

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Your tax person should be the one you ask. If you don't think he/she is experienced enough to answer your question, then you should find another tax preparer to get a second opinion. You can get different answers from this forum, but unless your tax person agrees and stands behind the deductions in the tax returns (if audited), any answers you get from here is of no use to you.
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