My husband's brother is in Memory Care and I just would like some suggestions of things we can give him that may help in some way. Just something to make him feel a little more comfy or just to add a little more pleasure to his environment. The administrator suggested a tv for his room but my husband thinks that is not appropriate for him. Trying to think of other things. Thanks

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TNtechie Thank you so very much. These are all excellent ideas. Will definitely be doing some of these. Again, thank you so much.
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Just a few ideas, some work better in some stages of ALZ than others:
- if the MC allows, a small fridge for bottled drinks and snacks;
- an insulated mug with a large handle you can put all your fingers through;
- maybe a small tv with a built in DVD player or personal DVD player and some old movies (personal DVD player is more likely to take a walk);
- some CDs of music popular in his 20s and 30s or his favorite artists to play on the DVD player;
- a fidget blanket;
- a soft fleece throw or lap blanket;
- soft scarf or sweater, especially if he tends to be cold;
- my dad loved Godiva chocolates;
- adult coloring books with colored pencil set;
- large piece puzzles, sometimes the wooden kids puzzles work well;
- self storing checker set;
- a photo collage of family or things he did in his younger years (like fishing) to hang on a wall;
- a clear plastic box with lid for small items he wants to keep near (like colored pencils or chap stick); and,
- maybe a favorite book in large print and/or a national geographic museum book with lots of photos.
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