My dad lost his home and business, and has absolutely no income. I make too much money for him to qualify for food stamps, but I'm in debt from trying to help him keep his home and business. He's been in the process of applying for disability, but In the meantime I'm barely making ends meet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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If he was in a separate household he could get welfare and perhaps SSI. Disability usually takes about two to three tries - and a good attorney who will have all the documents to back up health problems. It is very unusual for them to give disability without denying it first. He could get his telephone at a lower rate if he is disabled - but without having his letter from the agency, I don't know if they would let him go ahead and apply or not? Filing for bankruptcy, for the business and any money he owes may help him also.
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Spend some time checking out these hits for Colorado elder agencies:


I was looking for an agency similar to the Elder Law of Michigan group which provides free legal advice as well as links to sites which also provide assistance to elders.

Forgotten Harvest is another organization that can help with food. Senior Centers typically have a wealth of information. Ask if they have an annual Health Expo; they do in this area. There are a lot of vendors offering services. This is how I learned about low cost dental services.

United Way (211) is another source of referrals for seniors in need.

In Michigan, utilities provide slightly discounted rates for seniors. I don't know if you would qualify as a senior, and it wouldn't be honest to switch the utility bill to his name just to get a discount, but you could see if there are any programs available.

You wrote that he lost both the business and his home, but that you're in debt from helping him try to keep these. Could you elaborate more? Is the home in foreclosure or has it been foreclosed? Has his business been dissolved, are are you trying to resurrect it? Has he sold inventory? Is he planning to liquidate? Are there creditors hounding him for money?

More information on these items would help provide suggestions for that aspect as well.
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As for food stamps, if your dad and you sign an affidavit that he cooks and eats separately from your household, then he can get the food stamps. It's a silly rule and a weird way to have to go about getting them, but I know lots of people who have been forced into this kind of affidavit just to make ends meet.
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More info would help you get better responses. How old is your Dad? What is his health situation? Has the business folded? Does he stillown the house? etc.

Meanwhile, some places to begin: Food pantries will help provide non perishable food basics and that will help Dad to stretch his food budget. LIHEAP may offer reductions for energy costs. If Dad takes prescription meds, the PAP (prescriptions assistance program) may be of assistance. If Dad is considered a senior, the county office on aging will provide a wealth of assistance. Call them in the morning! Try to get your Dad on a list for senior housing. It takes time so you might as well complete the application now so the wait begins.

On a personal note, you need to shore up your finances before you both go into a deep hole! And has the disability appication been submitted? It doesn't take a year to complete --- or has it been denied. It may be time to reassess. good luck.
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