Any suggestions for ways to sell used wheelchair, rollerator, hospital bed, geri chair etc?


Now that my Mom is in the palliative unit in the hospital, we need to clear our her suite in the AL facility. Are there any suggestions for ways to sell the used (all lightly used) medical/mobility equipment that we purchased for my Mom? Has anyone had success with this?

Items are:

- power hospital bed with really good mattress

- wheelchair

- rollator walker

- 3-position geri chair

- over bed table



Try EBay as well as Marketplace. I have found that institutions often won't accept the donations, for insurance reasons that seem crazy (hidden flaws??) but there you are. Your best bet is probably individuals, for both sales and donations, and the website you mention sounds like a good way to do it.
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Ahmijoy Sep 21, 2018
I actually contacted our local VFW. There are many disabled veterans who would appreciate a donation of DME.
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Thanks all for the suggestions.

Everything is owned.

I am seeing if I have any luck through Facebook, and, if not, I found an agency that facilitates donations of medical equipment to people who need it -
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JoAnn brought up an interesting point, that the items may belong to the renting company.

I know when I was going to donate a brand new wheelchair that my Dad never used, I decided to first check the receipt that came with the wheelchair. Oh my gosh, Dad was renting this, it isn't his like I had thought. The company where I got the wheelchair did come by the house to pick it up.
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If you are on FB, most towns and communities have a local swap or yard sale FB page.
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Ahmijoy Aug 24, 2018
Yes, it’s called Marketplace and I’ve sold many things on there.
I like the nursing home donation idea, especially if it is a higher-end automated bed like a Hill-Rom bed. My aunt had one of those for my uncle and after he passed, she donated it to the nursing home in my parents' home town. Then, when my grandmother needed to be in the nursing home, that particular bed was put into her room for her use. She had the nicest bed in the facility.

Definitely check with Medicare first (or the facility from where it was rented). It seems to me that after a certain length of time, some of those become the property of the patient and medicare has more than paid for the purchase price of the item.
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If these were bought thru Medicare you may need to return to place of purchase. It has been explained on this forum that Medicare is merely renting this equipment. Call the place they were purchased thru and see what they say.

If you private paid then can be sold. If you don't really care about the money, donate them to a nursing home.
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I would go with local online classifieds. Also ask at the AL, if you can put up a notice of what you have available.
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