Any suggestions for long-term care insurance company and coverage? What benefits should I look for? Any pitfalls to watch for?

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I bought a policy for myself in 2003. It was pretty bare-bones coverage, but I hoped that with my retirement fund it would get me by. Since that time care costs have risen so dramatically that the coverage I have will be a drop in the bucket to the need. And my premiums have increased at an alarming rate.

If I could go back and do it over, I wouldn't bother getting the insurance. Sad.
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With all the recent news about insurance companies drastically increasing the premiums on the LTC insurance, I'm surprised anyone still wants to buy it. My FIL purchased a policy twenty years ago and now that they are making a claim on it, the premiums are increasing 25%. He is livid!
There is a hybrid life insurance policy being sold that allows you to use the face amount of the policy to fund long term care costs under certain conditions. If you don't need long term care, your heirs can claim the life insurance at your death. They are pricey, though.
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Alfred, I never had long-term care insurance but have read about it on the forums here. One thing to check for is how many years will that insurance cover you at a continuing care facility? One year, two years, 5 years?

What happens if you are far from ready to go into long-term-care and you pass in your sleep? Does the family get some money from the insurance or zero?

When does the insurance take affect? Do you need to wait 6 months before it starts after purchasing said insurance?

There are pre-existing conditions that may make you not able to purchase long-term-care. I know some of them are not fair.

How much each year will the insurance cost you?
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