My mother has total paralysis on one side due to a stroke. She lives in an assisted living facility and has 2 person assist for all of her movement. The only times she has been away from the facility is in an ambulance or a special van that can take her wheelchair. She has been complaining of a sensitive tooth and a partial came out. There are no traveling dentists or facility dentists in the area. Any suggestions on how to get her to the dentist other than me hiring two workers to help with moving her and bathroom care while away from her facility and a van to transport her?

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If you have a dentist that you use can you ask them if the would be willing to do an exam after regular business hours and offer to pay for their time.

My dentist is not a traveling dentist but he is a super guy and really cares about people's dental health. He gave my dad a blessing of a discount because he is financially strapped.

Can't hurt to ask.
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Since she lives in a AL facility, could you procure referrals for a dentist from some of the residents or their relatives? If you do get a referral, do not surprise the dentist with a visit. Review your situation with dentist before your visit. Maybe the dentist might have an assistant that could help transfer the patient from the wheel chair to the dental chair, or maybe the dentist might be able to do some work while the patient stays in a locked wheel chair. Call your State Dept of Aging they might be able to help with a referral.
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Sending you a private message, hope it's not a dead end for you.
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