My husband given 5 mg Haldol and Ativan when admitted to ED. He had had 2.5mg Zyprexa the night before. He is now like a vegetable.
I was not asked for my permission for Haldol or Ativan for his aggression when they tried to take blood in ED.
He was given .05 mg Haldol again when taken to his room after I had told the nurse, NO Haldol.

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My patient has also been given the same drugs you described for ER situations where he was severely agitated and combative. I also have a prescription for Zyprexa 2.5 mg, as needed for agitation at home. I only give it to him as needed; usually once every two/three weeks. Zyprexa initially made him so normal, I could not believe it. I wish there was something else other than any psychotic medication, but how do you control or calm down a person that may harm you or themselves, or other people (like doctors and nurses)?
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