Cup can't be heavy to lift. Sippy cup hasn't worked.

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Can she hold a cup/glass with all the fingers wrapped around it? I found an insulated plastic cup with the handle big enough to put all the fingers through to work well. A lot of photo mugs have this design; my favorite comes from Walmart with an acrylic lid. You don't hold the cup by the handle but being able to rest the back of your fingers or hand on the handle helps hold and stabilize the cup when the grip is compromised. The insulated plastic is lighter and protects your hand from the heat.

When the arthritis in my hands is troubling me, I cannot pick up a normal ceramic coffee cup or mug by the handle at all even when it's empty. So I frequently use an insulated hard spout sippy cup without the lid for my morning coffee. I have a couple of lids I used a soldering iron to melt and enlarge the sippy opening so it functions more like a traditional coffee cup lid and allows a generous pour. (Started using these after cleaning out the kids dish drawer of baby stuff.)

There's also a new children's cup called a munchkin miracle 360 with a spout-less design that looks it might work too. Not sure if it has enough thickness to handle hot drinks.
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My Cousin in law got my mother an insulated wine glass, with a top that she can't spill and it doesn't "sweat" everywhere. It is able to be used for hot or cold drinks, and it holds about 8 oz ( I fill it up with ice for the wine.. no one panic here!!) He got it at Wally world, but I got my DD and her room mates ones for Christmas at Boscovs ( from mom) for about 7$.. much less than the upscale stores! ( I know it was affordable at WW but I couldn't find it when I was looking recently) It drinks like a regular cup, not the sippy cup spout. Maybe this will work for you?
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