Hi, I am 82 yrs old and do not drive anymore. I have been using LYFT for transportation and it is wonderful but, it is much too expensive for me. I need some input on other transportation services for Dr appts and shopping. I appreciate any help I can get in this. Thank you


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Nancy, your question was asked before and answered.

Call your County Office of Aging. I live in SJ and my County O of A has buses. They take u to appts and shopping.

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Sometimes your county social services has transportation services. Not sure if you have to "qualify" but I would ask. Also, contact your state's Council on Aging. I would start by calling both of these (google it). Do you have any neighbors who could drive you? I know it feels awkward and difficult to ask for help but most people are really willing, they just don't know what kind of help you need. Do you attend a place of worship? Let the elders or main office know of your need. I'm an elder in my church and this is what we tell people. Many people are willing to step up to help. Good luck!
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