I need some one older kind that can help me. I need the help thank you. I live in the ventnor nj area. Hope to talk to some one soon thank you very much

How old is Bridget? What is her financial condition? Asking this to know what to suggest. You can contact your local area's Council on Aging for resources. Or a church that is close to you. Is Bridget on Medicaid? She can be assessed by social services for in-home services. God bless you and Happy New Year to you, too!
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Are you Bridget or are you caring for someone named Bridget? It's unclear from your profile. Honestly, it doesn't really matter. If you just need someone "older" and "kind" to talk to, you found a good place. None of us are old, but we like to think we're kind. ;-)
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Hi Bridget, I've found a toll free number for Atlantic County information
1 (888) 426-9243
to help you find local supports. I'll also add a link for their web page:

Hope this helps.
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This is an open forum where you can either post a question or open a new discussion about a topic that is on your mind. You'll get a lot of responses from people and hopefully, the support you need too, based on whatever question or issue you post about. Lots of us here are going through various things with our elders and our lives and we're happy to share our knowledge and our support with you.

Happy New Year to you and all the best!
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What do you need help with
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