My Mom is a happy, functional, and for the most part healthy 70 yo cute little lady. Her arthritis got to be a bit much with the cold weather in the mid-west so we helped her move to Central Florida a few months ago, and then her initial housing fell through. Fast forward --she is now set up in a single level, 3bd/2ba townhouse in a gated community. All is well; however, we are trying to find one or two other housemates (senior/retired women) for companionship and shared costs. It has been a bit more difficult than I anticipated to find roommates for her, as we are looking for a good fit over just bringing in extra $$. Have tried Craigslist, Facebook,, Silvernest and a few others- any other ideas would be greatly appreciated or if anyone has a Mom looking to relocate to Central FL please let me know. Thanks ;-)

We did due diligence- yes, the HOA accepts renters. Interviews/background checks are required prior to move in, additionally first lease will be between one to three months to ensure goodness of fit. Had one interview via local senior center office but was not a good fit- will remain patient- the right women will come about eventually -thanks!
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Yes, the homeowners assoc may need to OK renters. Hate to be a downer, but who is going to make sure these relationships will work? People at that age are pretty set in their ways. Hard enough living with a friend let alone strangers.
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akimble, check with your local council on Aging to see if they keep a list of people who are looking to do a Golden Girls type of housing.

Some times you can find a Realtor who will do such rentals. You would need to call around to the real estate offices, ask for an Agent who does a lot of rentals, and ask that Agent if this is something they would do. If yes, the Agent would put the "listing" into the local multiple listing service. There will be a commission that your Mom would need to pay once a good tenant is found.

Oh, I just noticed that your Mom is living in a community that has a homeowner's association. Your Mom would need to check to make sure that she could rent out rooms. Some associations frown on this practice. Or local laws limit how many unrelated people can live in a dwelling. If allowed, will there be enough parking spaces for everyone?
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