I'm in Illinois and I'm wondering if there is any talk anywhere about restrictions being lifted in way, shape, or form for those in care facilities once they get their 2nd vaccine? My mom finally gets her 2nd one next Tuesday and I fear the varients will still keep them in lock up. I really don't know how much more I can do this to my mom...of being seperated from family. Even though she's in MC, she still knows her family is not around her. She says she feels all alone. It's heart breaking! I just want to be able to take her out to lunch, take her for a drive, or over to our house for some dinner and TV.

I have had dad at home waiting until AL opens up a little. They will let me take him home for a meal or take him to the doctor but won't let me go visit him. But I'm more concerned with the fact that he can't have meals or activities with others.... and that they all still have to wear masks outside of their rooms (he reads lips so it will be difficult for him). The AL I am talking to keeps saying it's up to the state/county and it's based on the positivity rate of the testing that is happening. The rate is declining but must be under 10% for them to open up the dining rooms etc (according the to AL I've been talking to). On the other hand, other ALs I have ruled out are finding work-arounds to have some limited dining and small I'm not sure if there are RULES or just GUIDELINES from the state. Dad (and their residents) have all had their 2nd vaccine (except those that are refusing). One AL in town IS requiring that all their staff get the vaccine. (I'm not sure how they are able to do that but I would think if they could do that, then others are simply saying that they can't require it. )
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I would not count on facilities opening up. These vaccines were manufactured too quickly to know how effective they will be. In my County last week, 500 shots were received. Out of those 500 shots, 400 were put aside for the elderly and in NHs. That left a 100 for appts. They were gone in minutes. It was posted by a private citizen that if the county continues to get 500 a week it will take 2 1/2 years to inoculate the 60,000 residents in the County.

I have also read, and I don't believe everything I read, that restrictions will not be lifted anytime soon. We will still be asked to wear masks. Businesses will still suffer. And since facilities are privately or Corporately owned, they may continue restrictions to protect residents and staff. I don't see this Country completely opening up till 2022.
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The nursing home my mom is in has already administered the 2nd shot, as of two weeks ago. Considering an employee has to come outside and take our temperature even for WINDOW visits, I'm not expecting normal visits for quite a while. They have to follow the governor's orders, so we have no choice but to deal with it. Bringing my mom home is absolutely NOT an option.
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While I realize the above is a few weeks old, I highly doubt much has changed.

From what I understand about the FDA Emergency Use Authorization, they cannot force anyone to get the vaccine, since the drug manufacturers also are not held liable under the same EAU. Best to contact your LO individual facility about their protocols going forward.

To make matters more complex, the CDC has said even after vaccinations, we will still need to mask up for well into the unforeseeable future.

Edit: Just found below, does not sound good:
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VernacularNC Feb 8, 2021

Median 78% of patients vs. 38% of workers Vaccinated
It's bound to vary facility to facility.
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Dear "marcykong,"

I'll be curious to see what responses you get to your question as I've been wondering too. My 95-year old mother with Alzheimer's had her first shot January 22nd so she'll be getting her 2nd one (I hope) pretty soon. I don't qualify for one yet.

Also, I wonder if it will be up to the individual facility for awhile. The reason I say that, is I have been notified by my mom's facility where she resides in their MC wing via an email from the Executive Director. She said even if both the resident and their family member(s) get the vaccine, we still won't be able to just drop by for a visit like we could prior to COVID. I would still require a test within 48 hours. Why? Reading between the lines, they don't feel they know enough about the virus, mutations or the vaccine. I'm starting to feel like I won't be seeing her in person for quite awhile!
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