Any mattress toppers recommendations?


Hi all,
The Memory Care facility said Mom is getting red on her sacral area (bottom) because she won't allow the aides to turn her side to side during the night.
I understand this because she's had 2 total hip replacements (35 years ago) and could never sleep on her sides since then due to pain. I sold her twin-sized soft mattress, so that's not an option.

What type of mattress topper have you used (to keep pressure off) that seemed to work well?

I hate shopping anymore so I use Amazon a lot. A link to what you used would help.

There are dence foam, gel, etc. The old "egg carton" toppers weren't very effective (at least 20 years ago in the hospital).

Thanks for any suggestions.

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An air mattress used for bedsores. My MIL thought egg carton toppers would make her mattresses softer. I took it off every Time I visited. It was like the Princess and the Pea. I felt those nobby things, whether they were up or down.
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Look into EHOB waffle mattress overlays - not sure if Amazon carries it but if not then look for the EHOB site

I bought mom a Serta adjustable bed and so she's still doing ok comfort wise although it hurts her back to move around a lot

mom's roomie was able to get an alternating air pressure mattress but she is on hospice and hospice supplies the extra equipment not the facility
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I got a memory foam one from walmart, I think it was 2". Mom slept predominantly on her right side and I seldom saw any lasting redness there. If you go with memory foam don't go any thicker because they sink down and it makes repositioning more difficult. I think they have some now that are cooler to sleep on, with my mom that was never a problem.
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Whatever you decide, see if Medicare will cover it under Durable Medical Equipment.
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My Mom uses this one. She doesn't like it all the time, but it does relieve some pressure since she hates to be on her side. I have it on 24 hours a day, and had it for 2 years.

-Drive Medical Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System.
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