Trying to keep my mom home and out of skilled nursing. She has declined to the point of bedbound incontinent status so needs quite a bit of care. We are fortunate that we can bring in caregivers to help, at least until my mother’s nest egg is gone, so trying to be conservative in our usage. I work nights (RN), and am finding it challenging to schedule for proper coverage for nights and so I can sleep on the days I need to. (Moving to day shift may not happen anytime soon😔). Long story not-so-short, I’m considering trying to hire a live in nursing student from one of the local schools, offering room and board and a modest ($300?) weekly amount. Then use our agency for coverage when she or I needed it. I would love to hear from those who have had live-ins, as I’m sure there are things I need to know about this sort of arrangement. And this is assuming I could even find someone.
1) Does this sound like a decent offer?
2) What do I need to know about IRS involvement?
3) I get that a background check would be necessary, are there also other things I should be concerned with?
Thanks in advance for any advice, this forum has been such a blessing.

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The thing about Medicaid, too, is you will need to explain where all her money went. If on Caregivers, you may need proof of hours, maybe a contract with the aides unless u go thru an agency. Your bills for Moms care will show where her money went.

When hiring privately, there should be a contract in place, especially a live-in. Her hours, the shift she works. Time off. Salary. What happens when her client dies or needs to be placed? How long does she have to leave the home. Make sure a live-in has a place to go if the client is no longer in the home or things don't work out. There are many posts where the live-in wouldn't leave. One I remember a live-in moved her family in, taking over the house and putting the client in the basement apt that the aide was given. Family didn't live near by.
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What is your plan when your mother's money runs out? Medicaid does not pay for full-time, at-home care by anyone.

This being the case, you need to protect her ability to qualify. Many states have a 5-year financial "look back" on the application. It is very easy to manage your mom's finances in a way that may delay or disqualify her. I strongly suggest that you consult with an elder/estate planning attorney or a Medicaid Planner. It is worth the investment.

Also, once your mom requires Medicaid and if she is not already in a facility then she may be on a waiting list to get into a facility. Some states have very long waiting lists for the better places.

I'm not trying to pressure you about placing her, but if you think it's difficult now then you don't want to know what it's like trying to be her sole caregiver 24/7 when she runs out of money and then doesn't qualify for Medicaid. You can read those stories on this forum under the Care Topic of Burnout. Just do your homework so that you can make the best decisions in your situation with the understanding that her care variables are constantly changing, and caregiving should not be onerous for you. I wish you all the best.
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You need to check with ur State Labor board. Live-ins are entitled to at least minimum wage. Room and board is a perk and u cannot charge rent. They need time off. Just like any employee anything over 40hrs is time and half. Ur considered an employer and as such need to deduct payroll taxes. Aides are not considered self-employed by the IRS.

And yes, do a background check.
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