My mother will not sign POA to any one. My spouse and I are caring for her. She is needing another level of care soon. I don't know what to do at this point on obtaining guardianship. Any suggestions from anyone out there.

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Going through it in WV, $2500 to $3000 attorney tells me. Doc will examine her, state that she is incompetent to take care of her affairs, issue paperwork, you go to a hearing. You also want doc to state she is unable to attend the hearing. About 3 months process in WV.
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A Dementia patient cannot sign legal documents. So a POA is out. Guardianship seems to very price wise. Some have mentioned 10K others 1-2k which is more the price it is where I live. The cost can be taken out of Moms money. Its a Medicaid allowable expense if she ever needs it. Call ur office of aging and askvif they have a list of Lawyers in ur area. Its just a matter of filing the documents and going before a judge. If no one contests it then the cost shouldn't be too high. It will make life so much easier. Government agencies do not regonize POA but do guardianships.
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