And I CANNOT find parts to fix it. Anywhere. Hello all, it’s me again, ( and possibly three new me’s) and it finally happened-I warned her, I told my mom I could feel it coming and she just pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed until BOING! , me spring sprung and sideways I went. That was in February. I have been looking for parts to fix my give a damn, even went to the junkyard, nada, zip, nothing. <sigh>. However, I did find out just how much my mother can do for herself if she has to which is pretty much everything just short of a Zumba workout. (I knew it I knew it ! I kept telling her she isn’t an invalid and she kept playing the part). So one of me gives her something called positive kudos which totally backfires because when I try to compromise with mum, she suddenly becomes an invalid who “really needs my help, “ because she “can’t and won’t I help her” when five flipping minutes ago she was up and around just fine. Oh crap, I am being summoned AGAIN...look, if I’m not back in five, send someone in, k?


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So sorry. I don't know whats worse the stubborn one that can't and says they can or the person who can and won't.

I had a Aunt who was known for her lazyness and knowing it all. She bragged about how intellegent she was but never held down a job. And the one she had was a night job being there in case the woman needed her. My Aunt had no certification, just a babysitter. She once told my RN daughter they did the same job. Don't think so, she would never been able to work at the pace my daughter does. Aunt weighted at least 250-300lbs. Not a favorite among her sibs or their children. TG she had passed before my Mom's Dementia Journey. I know she would have given me her opinions daily.

Stick by ur guns. Tell her u refuse to make her an invalid because u know she can do it herself.

Come back
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Susan, thank you for the humor.... and believe me we all understand.

Years ago on this forum some writers would search for their "helmet" which was worn when banging their heads against the wall during a frustrating moment.

Another time we would "put our ears back" like one would see when a dog or wolf would get angry over a situation.

I can't remember the other things we use to do, but now we can add "give-a-damn repair kit" to the list :)
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Funny writing

I have a pair of purple socks that say
I used to give a f@ck
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