I know this is an uncommon topic to write about but my mother has made it known to me she wants bacon, eggs, toast juice coffee with whip cream and fruit every single morning. It is driving me to tears!! Her excuse is telling me over and over that her mother stressed that breakfast is the main meal of the day. So maybe it is however I only eat a muffin or something very small in the morning as I'm never hungry til later in the day. The mornings are my most stressful time with helping her change gowns, clean her, etc. I'm exhausted by the time I get her in her favorite chair. How do I reduce the amount of time I spend cooking meals. I find this to be the most challenging chore aside from helping her bathe. Additionally, I have a back injury and arthritis and no energy in the morning. I do cook a big meal later in the day when I feel I have more energy. How do I make breakfast less stressful? Thank you.

I had to laugh at Midkid. Seems like our generation do not cow towl to our husbands the way our Moms did. We were at a party one time were my SIL got my brother his dish of food. DH looked at me and asked when was I going to do that for him. (He was kidding) My MIL chimed in with why didn't I wait on DH. I told her that her son (all 215lbs) was a big boy and he was able to take care of himself. My SIL is now "paying" for waiting on her family. With working and caring for a mother with Dementia (one of those who u have to watch every second because of telemarketers) she has her hands full and dear brother and nephew do nothing to help.

Your Mom suffers from Dementia. You are not going to change her. Like suggested, there is microwave bacon. Fruit can be done ahead. Or buy already cut up. There is frozen fruit too. Your Mom may not be able to tell the difference. One of the first things to go is taste and smell. She just has big breakfast in her head. There's coolwhip too.

Hey, I am with you with the morning thing. I eat a dish of oatmeal or a bowl of cereal. Unless I am going somewhere, I am in my PJs till noon.
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Tell your mother to check herself into a 5 star resort.
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You can buy the frozen breakfast items and run by the salad bar at the grocery store for some fruit and I agree with another poster about canned whipped cream. Offer her cereal with fruit. That's easy. If she wants fresh everything, just tell her what it is doing to you and have a heart to heart. If she insists, you be the "Mom" and explain what the deal will be from here on out on food. Good luck to you.
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I agree with preparing fruit and bacon ahead and I think the canned whipped cream is inspired! I've also perfected eggs in the microwave, scrambled are easiest but I can do a good poached egg too (I'll give details if you're interested).
Something like strata or french toast casserole can be easily reheated.
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If that's what she wants, she should be living in Assisted Living. They have chefs there who take orders.

You don't. And shouldn't.
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I don't know if this would pass her taste test but there are some frozen breakfasts in the many supermarkets that carry all natural foods that include frozen breakfast meals made with real eggs (from free range chickens, etc). As far as meats, you might find a few that include sulfite/sulfate free bacon or sausage with the eggs. Most of these can be cooked in a microwafe. I know frozen food can lack flavor so you could add a little butter to the eggs. This could get expensive but would alleviate some of the stress. Of course, the toast & coffee would need to be made as usual.
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Make a big fruit salad on Sunday night.
Jf she wants fresh warm bacon, buy the microwaveable kind. That way all you have to do is scrambled up some eggs & throw the bacon in the microwave for a few seconds when the eggs are done.

however.....I do think it’s unreasonae
for her to expect a full breakfast like this every day and I would probably start serving her something else that is quicker & easier and tell her “you get what you get & you don’t throw a fit” and if she wants to bring up breakfast being the most important meal of the day, I would agree with her and tell her she better eat what’s in front of her instead of complaining!
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It is very hard to change eating patterns. So what can you do to make this easier on you?

Cook up a mess of bacon once a week in the oven. It is much easier to clean up. Just reheat in the microwave.

Toast is easy.

Buy the canned whipped cream. I do not use this product, but it is an easy option in your case.

Deli fruit salad. Sliced banana in milk with a sprinkle of sugar. Orange wedges.

Hard boil a dozen eggs, when you cook the bacon and she can eat them cold. If she complains that they are not hot, you tell her her choices, Take it or Leave it.

Another option is to make a supply of french toast and heat it in the toaster.

I know it is still more work than giving her a muffin, but it may be a compromise that works for both of you.

I am in your camp. I eat a bowl of granola with fruit and a cup of tea. No hot breaky for me.
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Pop Tarts. warmed up if you feel like it.

"Mom, I cannot possibly do that when I have so much to do to get you going in the morning. I'm sorry that I can't do the job to your satisfaction. I won't let you starve, but I am not cooking a huge meal when you already require so much care in the mornings."

I don't sound very nice, but I agree with you. DH would love a huge hot breakfast every morning served in bed. But I found when I did that, or do that, he has NO reason to get out of bed and he doesn't.

I throw him a protein shake. Literally throw it across the bed. If he wants eggs (gag) and bacon and all that he can jolly well get up and make some.

Your mom needs something light. Maybe just coffee and a muffin. Hand her a banana. Or pre-prepare a small plate the night before with some fruit and a bread product, coffee is easy and top it off with the cream and call it good.

We all WANT things a certain way. Most of us don't get them.
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